From 3 to 20 Million: A Journey of Growth and Family Values in the Trades

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In the dynamic world of business, there are success stories that inspire, motivate, and shed light on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs. One such remarkable journey is that of Crystal, a businesswoman in the trades industry. This blog post will delve into the transcript of an insightful conversation with Crystal. She shares her experiences, lessons learned, and strategies that led her company from a modest $3 million to an impressive $20 million in revenue. Let's explore the pivotal moments, challenges, and family values that contributed to her success.


A Pivotal Moment: Investing in Leadership and Marketing

The journey began with a vision of achieving 10 million goals, and the company worked diligently towards it. But the real turning point came when they decided to invest in marketing and hire a second level of intermediate leadership. Crystal's brother, Trey, realized the need to focus on strategic planning, forecasting, and overcoming obstacles. With this investment, the team could now concentrate on the bigger picture of the business rather than getting bogged down in day-to-day operations. This pivotal decision allowed them to take a more proactive approach toward growth.


Family and Business: The Delicate Balance

The company was a multi-generational family business with its own set of challenges. Crystal shared that their solid Christian values were vital in fostering mutual respect within the family. While they all had authoritative personalities, they humbled themselves before one another, allowing decisions to be made collectively. Crystal emphasized the importance of identifying the boss and following their lead to maintain a harmonious family and business dynamic.


Clear Communication and Separation of Work and Home Life

Maintaining effective internal communication within a family business is crucial. Weekly leadership meetings played a significant role in evaluating financial status and planning for the future. It was essential for the family to separate work and home life to avoid overburdening relationships with work discussions. Crystal highlighted the need for empathy and understanding in dealing with family members' different work styles, recognizing that everyone needed their pace and time to discuss work-related matters.


Learning from Mistakes: Trust but Verify

Crystal learned from her mistakes, especially when trusting vendors blindly. While they were considered partners, she realized the importance of tracking and measuring outcomes to ensure their strategies delivered results. The lesson was to trust but verify, using data-driven decisions and setting clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to guide marketing efforts effectively.

Another valuable lesson was related to team management. Crystal learned the importance of hiring slowly and firing quickly when necessary. Being empathetic, she struggled with letting go of underperforming team members, but she acknowledged the necessity of making timely decisions to maintain a positive work environment and team productivity.


Creating a Positive Work Environment and Building Stronger Teams

Crystal emphasized the significance of building a positive work environment and investing in her team's happiness and personal growth. By organizing various events, recognizing team members' efforts, and valuing their families, Crystal, and her team created a strong bond with their employees. Supporting team members' personal goals and ensuring a healthy work-life balance contributed to higher retention rates and a happier workforce.

Crystal's journey from $3 million to $20 million in revenue provides valuable insights into trades and family businesses. By investing in marketing, adopting proactive strategies, and fostering a positive work environment, she successfully navigated challenges and emerged as a thriving entrepreneur. The lessons she learned about trust, communication, and team management are essential for anyone seeking growth in the trades industry. With a focus on family values, mutual respect, and the right blend of leadership and management, Crystal's journey exemplifies the power of determination, innovation, and strong business acumen.