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What's NOT included in the 3 steps...

  • The latest, hottest job posting website
  • Hiring bonuses
  • Posting ads on some new social media app you've never heard of
  • A magic hiring potion 

... no, no, no. You have probably tried some of these already. And they work...kinda. But they are short term fixes

We want to teach you long term solutions that will help you build a rock-solid business that attracts talent and retains them for the long term.

Stop hiring! Start attracting talent...

What if you had so many applications flooding your inbox you had to turn people away and make a wait-list??

Sounds crazy. I know. But, that's exactly what businesses that follow the 3 steps are doing.

What do you get from this two-day immersive training?


10+ tools will be taught and practiced to empower time management, accountability, and getting results.


Earn the Built For The Trades Four Stages of Leadership Certification.


Build relationships with Service Managers and Owners from across the country.


Attendees will get a special opportunity to join monthly accountability groups to implement the tools learned at the event.

Tools included in this training...

  • Know Yourself to Grow Yourself
  • Position Agreement
  • One-to-one Sheet
  • Trust But Verify Tool
  • Accountability Tool
  • Monthly Position Scorecard
  • Department KPI Scorecard
  • Discover Your Next Leader
  • Train The Trainer
  • Accountability Scorecard

On top of all this, you will also receive...

  • a Built For The Trades branded T-shirt and hat.
  • Printed booklet with all the tools taught during the training.
  • Lunch and snacks both days of the event.
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